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I love books, memes, chips & salsa, and spin classes, but here's some info about my work. 

Associate Professor
Department of Media Arts 
University of North Texas 
Digital Media

I'm an Associate Professor of Media Studies at the University of North Texas and the co-founder and Director of Research of the Youth Media Lab at UNT. I am a qualitative researcher interested in media representations and practices of young people and in the summers I facilitate a digital storytelling workshop for teens in foster care.


One significant question primarily drives my research:

How can media contribute to the expansion of equitable opportunities for marginalized populations?

I rely on feminist, ethnographic, and participatory research methods as a practice of collaboration. It is important to me that my research is relevant both to scholarship and that it benefits young people and youth-serving organizations. 

When I’m not researching or teaching, I spend my time in a dark room on a bike going nowhere, fanatically watching college football (Boomer Sooner!), hiking & cycling in whatever parks I can find, traveling the globe with my favorite people, and pretending I know how to cook better than I actually do.

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