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Foster Care
Digital Storytelling Workshop​

These videos are written, produced, and edited by teens experiencing foster care as part of an intensive summer digital storytelling workshop. The  teens partner with UNT Media Arts students who teach them how to use media to tell their stories.

Media Literacy
Media Literacy Residency in 5th Grade Classrooms ​

Carla Carter (Lecturer & Director of Production) and I have combined classes to partner with a local elementary school. Students from our classes lead media literacy & production workshops in 5th grade classrooms. 

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Refugee Stories
Seeking a Safe Haven: DFW Refugee Stories

I directed this short documentary about local refugees; it was produced and edited by five Media Arts students. The film was funded by the Council of Social Work Education and the Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity at UNT. The interviews and research were conducted by Dr. Hadidja Nyiransekuye (Dept. of Social Work at UNT).

Student Activism Campaigns​

Students enrolled in my activism courses must critically consider how they can use media as a tool to advocate for social change and justice. Groups have worked on projects related to: racial and gender equity, representations of women in the military, advocating for teens in foster care, reproductive justice, ending street harassment, and environmental justice. 

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